Thank You

Make Them Matter is possible because of people who envision a better future – and vision always requires investment. Thank You for sharing in our vision. Thank you for your investment. Your generosity is helping to provide a place where our community can grow and thrive. You have already begun to make a difference.

Community Matters

We all need support and guidance. When our focus is on those around us, it makes us better. Our goal is to be a help; to notice the needs and meet them; to be a place to call home. Opening our doors to the community opens doors to develop relationships that are strong and valuable. We all have a part to play.

We can impact lives. We can break chains.

Henry Moses,
Volunteer at Helping Hands

We can be part of something bigger.

Clara Rose, CEO
Christian Chamber of Commerce

We can have a home away from home.

Sebastian Jimenez

Welcome Home

Construction started on the Community Center in January of 2017 with a timeline of six months.  Soon we will greet you with the phrase, “Welcome Home” as you step over the brick engraved walkway through the newly designed entrance.

This is what you’ll see:

  • After-school tutoring and studying for students to help ensure that no one falls behind. We have already spoken with Countryside High School and they can’t wait to promote us to their tutors and students.

  • Open gym for families to come and enjoy the amenities along with leagues and banquets.

  • A space to meet. Many businesses look to meet offsite. What a great way to bridge the relationship between the church and the business world.

  • Counseling and mentoring. The average young person doesn’t believe that anyone believes in them. We have the opportunity to change that perception by providing guidance and role models. This has the potential to change a young person’s future.

  • Life skills training and recovery meetings. Imagine a night just for adults who are looking for a way to rebuild what has been broken in their lives. Providing needed support and a hand up will help reduce poverty and the rate of recidivism.

The potential is palpable. The vision is clear. We have made it this far, but there is still work to be done. Close To Home is about inspiring us to dig deep in our resources and ideas to finish what we’ve started — a state of the art, fully furnished community center to call home.


  1. Current Entrance

  2. New Entrance

  3. Café

  4. Auditorium & Gymnasium

  5. Large Meeting Room

  6. New Reception

  7. Storage

  8. Relocated Offices

  9. Connection to Academy

  10. Outdoor Seating

Our Goal

2 Years. 2 Million Dollars.


Debt-free and furnished Community Center


Equipment and technology upgrade of Worship Center


Savings to create margin for future vision and opportunities

We are asking for your partnership in pledges and donations over a two-year period. Every dollar will be stewarded to further make a difference in our city and beyond.